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Insurance training has picked up a bad rep for being boring. Over the last twenty years, we’ve proven that doesn’t have to be the case. With our learning approach, we achieve what many think is impossible - we make insurance training enjoyable.


You’re not the same as your competitors, are you? So why would your training be the same? We will create training solutions bespoke to you and your needs - there’s no lift & shift around here.


We understand you need to hit the ground running. Ready-start courses are an instant foundation for your training. Blend them with your existing content to create a fully engaging experience.


We have over two decades of experience in insurance and training. So, you can trust us to deliver expert training. No matter the format – you’ll get the same great experience throughout.

Custom Developed Insurance Training

To deliver learning that really works for your people, you need a partner that truly understands the insurance industry. And here at NLP, we have just that.

All of our projects follow our unique approach: the NLP workflow. We combine our expertise in the insurance industry, our exceptional instructional design skills, and our top-notch project management prowess to create a learning solution that meets your unique needs. That means diving deeper. Understanding your learners and their needs. And choosing the right delivery method for your requirements. This is how we devise a solution that really works.

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Contact us to schedule your training
Contact us to schedule your training
Contact us to schedule your training
Contact us to schedule your training

Hands-on training

Early Career Insurance Coverage Programs

This is not our first rodeo! We specialize in insurance industry early talent readiness.  This program is designed to give learners the essential skills and knowledge that they will need to succeed in their careers.


Join us for engaging and interactive, virtual-led sessions to expand your coverage knowledge. We bridge the sessions with case assignments and online courses.

Business and Communication Skills

To succeed in the insurance industry, you need to know how to effectively communicate with lots of different people. Whether it’s clients or peers, this program will teach you the skills you will need to get the most from your working relationships.


Join us for engaging and interactive, virtual-led sessions to expand your business and communication skills.

Emerging Leadership Development

See yourself as a future leader in the insurance industry? Well then this is the program for you. We have worked with many great leaders and understand what leads to success!


We will design workshops to accomplish your organization’s needs for team leaders, supervisors, and managers.

Risk Solutions IQ

Risk Solutions IQ is our engaging and interactive risk and coverage learning program for property & casualty professionals. Enabling participants to develop risk assessment and coverage knowledge, this is a hands-on, practical program designed for success.


Immerse yourself in online courses, articles, practical case studies and virtual instructor led sessions, to gain a solid foundation of risk assessment and coverage.

20 Years

of training the best in the industry – are you going to be next?

The insurance learning space has evolved a lot since 2001. One thing that has stayed the same is the need for engaging (and fun!) learning for insurance professionals. We saw that gap in the market. And, we filled it.

Using the best tools and technology, we make sure every learning experience we design is the most effective and engaging on the market.

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