Overcoming the Talent Crisis

The Power of Bespoke Learning Solutions in the Insurance Industry

The insurance talent crisis isn’t a new topic. In fact, Insurance Business summarized the epidemic as “no longer an elephant in the room. [But] an elephant crashing through every room in every insurance company, blasting a trumpet warning of “DANGER!And although that might sound like hyperbole, the risks faced by many insurance firms probably feels as panic-inducing as an elephant crashing through buildings.

Our industry is facing a real challenge when it comes to attracting and retaining skilled professionals. Presenting problems for HR, recruitment and L&D alike. But it’s the latter issue that is causing challenges for L&D: cookie-cutter learning will not help retain top talent – today’s best talent wants more. They’re looking to their employers to provide upskilling opportunities for their insurance expertise, their interpersonal skills and much more.

So if you’re still of the mindset that training days are a tick box exercise, it’s time to think again. If you want to overcome the talent crisis in insurance – training needs to be baked into your employee value proposition (EVP). And the best way to do that – is with bespoke learning solutions.


3 Ways Bespoke Learning Solutions Will Help Your Firm Overcome the Talent Crisis


1. By Catering to Your Firm’s Unique Needs.

Although there will be some commonalities between your training needs, and those of other insurance agencies, there will also be stark differences. That means that sometimes only bespoke solutions will do.

This doesn’t mean you have to pay out to have an entirely custom course made (although that is an option!) Your bespoke solution can also be a blend of ready-start modules, journals, bespoke elearning courses, and much more! And in doing so, you will find the right training content for your people – and your firm.


2. Assists With Learning Application

Bespoke learning solutions mean you’re in control of how much you personalize and tailor your content. Which also means that you can add in examples and scenarios that are realistic and relevant to your company. Not only will this boost engagement during training – it will also aid with learning transfer.

Learning transfer is the process of your people applying the knowledge or skills they’ve acquired on a training program, to their day job. Oftentimes, our people need time to process their training experience, and decipher how to apply it to their day jobs. However, with bespoke training, a lot of the hard work is done for them! Meaning the speed of learning transfer is faster; and your organization sees the impact of training more quickly.


3.   Keeps Your Firm Ahead of the Competition

In order to overcome the talent crisis, you need to be offering your people something that your competitors aren’t. And of course, that could relate to things such as pay, benefits and holiday allowance. But in today’s climate, training opportunities are what make the real difference. In fact, 61% of employees say they will stay at a company that invests in their training and development. So, spending time crafting bespoke learning solutions not only ensures your employees have the skills and knowledge required to succeed; but also ensures top talent stay at your organization.


Bespoke learning solutions are transforming insurance education by offering personalized, flexible, and engaging learning experiences. By creating solutions that align with both your firm’s, and your employees’ needs, you will empower your employees and keep your firm competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

If you are looking for a trusted learning advisor to help you create bespoke learning solutions for your organization, get in touch! We look forward to helping you create bespoke content that helps your firm beat the talent crisis.