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Training for the modern insurance professional

Our online learning library is an instant foundation for your insurance training portfolio. But if you want something that is completely bespoke to your organization and your business requirements, then our bespoke learning offering is for you.


An instant foundation for your learning offering

We’ve got decades of experience in both insurance and learning. So, our ready-start courses are truly the best out there. From getting started through to expert skills, we’ve got courses on every topic.


Our early start courses provide an overview of key insurance concepts, plus details about P&C orientations, helping new starts hit the ground running.

Business skills

Being successful in this industry requires great communication, negotiation, leadership, and many other skills. Our online library covers it all.

Insurance learning

From coverage to risk management, our ready-start courses cover everything to make you an insurance pro!

Gamified learning

Have you experienced the power of gamified learning?

True gamification uses game-based features to drive active learner engagement and reinforce learning. (And let’s be honest, they’re fun too!)

All of our learning experiences use gamified elements to ensure your learners stay fully engaged. You want your people to acquire new skills that they can apply to the day job.

Learning platforms & hosting

Take the headache out of learning delivery

Learning management is hard. Making sure the right learner gets the right content at the right stage of their journey can create stress. But let us take that stress from you. We can host and customize a learning portal for you, or we can advise you on selecting your own learning platform.

Here at NLP, we’re here to help you manage and customize your learning portal to ensure its fit for purpose. Our mission is to create an environment that your learners want to embrace!