Building trust with remote teams

Building Trust with your Remote Work Team Members

Last month, The MyAgencyCampus team shared expert advice from Donna Dennis, PhD on virtual team leadership practices.  We have more great advice for you.

This month, we are sharing tactics for your week to week remote team leadership.  Insurance leaders continuous demonstrate flexibility responding to client’s needs.  Leading teams in the current work-from-home setup forces us to interact and collaborate differently.

Virtual leaders who create a common set of expectations, norms, and goals make it easier for team members to establish such credibility. After all, if all members have a clear idea of which tasks they need to complete, it will be easier for them to succeed, winning trust among their fellows.

Virtual leaders can take other steps to encourage trust as well. They include:

  • Create at least one opportunity for team members to meet face-to-face.
  • Use communication channels that include visual input rather than just audio.
  • Model transparency by communicating openly and honestly.
  • Plan extra time during meetings so there can be some virtual socialization and team building.
  • Keep agreements and demonstrate accountability.
  • Acknowledge successful teamwork – kudos are truly important right now!

(Based on a study by the Business Research Consortium (BRC) in association with American Management Association survey of 1,500 individuals.)


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