Employee Benefits Training? We’ve Got You Covered

Meet our new ready-start offering

We’re super excited to introduce to you our expanded online insurance library, My Agency Campus™.  Our latest installation is a 22-course, online learning series on Employee Benefits Insurance, specifically targeted at new hires.

The new My Agency Campus™ Employee Benefits catalog has been curated from industry experts and developed by our specialist instructional design team, to accelerate learners’ understanding and competency of employee benefits insurance basics.

Employee Benefits Teams play a pivotal role in organizations, competing for the best insurance policies for employees, which has a huge influence on employee engagement and retention. The new My Agency Campus™ catalog covers topics for all members of the Employee Benefits Team, from identifying the key ingredients in a proposal, understanding legal terminology, healthcare plans, ancillary benefits, and recognizing the importance of the legal essentials in employee benefits administration and care.

Talking about the new offering, our very own Nancy Langton said, “The Employee Benefits Insurance Basics series is the perfect onboarding curriculum for early talent.  The interactive learning courses contain rich content, engage the learner, and prepare the new hire with essential, foundational knowledge. The overall mission is for the new employee benefits broker to understand how their expertise will help guide their clients.”

The new, 22-course online learning series can be found at