Welcoming new talent

You’re hiring new talent, make them feel welcome!

New hire season is here! You put so much time in selecting the candidates, interviewing and proposing the offer. It’s not done yet! Next up…the real planning – their first day, week, month, three months etc.


1. Day One- Impression Matters!

Make your new hire feel welcome; create a plan. Nothing is worse then a new employee showing up for work and feeling lost. Here are some ways to make a great impression that first day:

  • Make them feel they are part of the team – introductions are a must.
  • Leave them a welcome basket at their desk.
  • Schedule lunches for their first week.
  • Can you assign a different buddy for the first three weeks? (That’s only one per week.)
  • Include them in staff meetings (and then ask them post-meeting to share questions with you).


2. A Training Plan for the First Month.

Next step is to have a training plan in place. Whether it’s online training, classroom training, or a combination of both, a plan will communicate your expectations and provide them with the opportunity to grow. Training will help immerse them in their new role and give them confidence to take on new tasks.


3. Engage with the New Employee Daily.

As a leader, be sure to check-in daily – this can be a longer meeting on Monday morning to reset the plan for the week and then at lunch or end of day to discuss questions. Employees value leadership and guidance. They want to know that they are on the right track. Giving them support and training will motivate them to succeed.
Need help with a training plan? Please visit My Agency Campus for more information.