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At New Level Partners, we like to say that our pictures are worth two thousand words.  That’s why we love sharing the valuable, concise learning experiences we’ve created for thousands of learners spread over hundreds of locations nationwide. We know how to deliver. It’s what we do every day. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

Covered/Not Covered Game
The Covered/Not Covered game is an example of a learning game, which quizzes the user on their knowledge of coverages specific to the topic of the game. Questions are presented in a variety of forms, including recorded phone calls, short-burst video scenarios, and comic strips.  The user analyzes the presented situation and determines whether coverage would be applicable or not.  Immediate feedback is provided.

Business Writing Mountain Adventures
Business Writing Mountain Adventures is an example of a course, wrapped in a mountain adventure theme.  The goal is to reach the top of the mountain.  As user’s progress through each chapter they will answer questions to earn equipment for their journey.  Badges are earned at the completion of each part of the journey (at the end of each chapter).  There is also a progress map which shows you how much further you have to go.

The Amazing Insurance Game
This is a game modeling the television show The Amazing Race.  Users visit each destination on the map and answer a question.  The object is to visit all 12 destinations and answer the questions correctly.

Risk and Probability Dice Game
The dice game will show you an example of the likelihood an event will occur, and what the cost of that event could be.   You protect yourself from these odds by buying insurance. Each user starts with $5,000. They choose a profile from the ten Customer Insurance Profiles and the insurance premium amount for the selected customer will be deducted from the original $5,000.  Users roll the dice four times. The dice represent the probability a loss will occur and the cost of the damage. The amount the driver will need to pay or claim on their insurance will be deducted from the $5,000.  The player with the most money at the end wins the game.

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