What Do Companies Spend Per Employee on Training? 

8.10.18 in Articles

According to Training Magazine, organizations spend between $1,075 to $1,886 for training on each employee annually.

The spending range is not what you think!  The range reflects large organizations on the lower end to smaller organizations on the higher end of this range.  The efficiencies that are gained from larger organizations to combine efforts and use internal resources lowers the cost of training per employee.

Get this — the spending increased by approximately 28% from 2016 to 2017.  The reality of many new hires entering the workforce will continue to push the demand for more training.

Where do you start?

Collective resources through collaborative entities will enable smaller, growing companies to obtain affordable, high quality training options.  Using an endorsed and proven solution saves a considerable amount of time that would be required to research, tailor and launch an online university.

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Plus, for only $80, your team can access business skills curricula that ranges from Customer Management to Business Communications and scale up to Advanced Communication and Negotiation and Leading Successful Projects and Meetings.

Learning is a lifetime investment!