Learning Eco-Systems: 4 Things You Need to Know

6.12.17 in Articles, News

Learning Eco-Systems are evolving rapidly, as companies seek new efficiencies to channel a wide range of learning elements into a coherent learning sequence for employees.

What is a Learning Eco-System: It is learning accessible from anywhere at any time both formal and informal approaches. It’s not about volume or push content. It must be more self-directed, real world learning and connected to an overall plan.

In a Learning Eco-System, an LMS will execute the delivery of archived and interactive online learning courses, while other technologies such as robust resource sites, virtual classrooms and other forms of assessment and engagement such as gamified learning are also deployed by-learner.

For example, an innovative Learning Eco-System for a professional designation would include a mix of eLearning, mentoring, social learning, gamification and videos all in one suite. The mix of learning channels will appeal to a wider audience and will keep the program exciting for the learner.

Here are four things you should know about Learning Eco-Systems:

Coherent Integration and Delivery of Professional Development Efforts

A Learning Eco-System integrates your learning solution, including instructor-led, eLearning, social learning, online learning, gamification, videos and more, providing a unique and diverse learning environment to engage the learner and enhance their experience.

Productive Learning Engagement and Experience is Essential

Technology and expectations have created a rapid change in the way people source their professional learning. When an employee needs broader knowledge on a topic or concept, either for core education or upskilling, immediate access and self-management of that knowledge is critical. Learning must be situationally mobile, whether travelling to a sales appointment and using their smart phone, flying to a client meeting with their iPad in hand, or sitting at their desk. It’s important the learner has access to education on a variety of interfaces.

Professional Development = Organizational Results = ROI

New L&D technologies have radically improved the metrics of professional development. Online and Virtual learning activities can be delivered, assessed and related back to specific organizational objectives in ways rarely possible five years ago. A Learning Eco-System provides advanced capabilities to connect all learning activity with organization results.

Micro-Learning, Gamified-Learning, Gamification and Animated Video

Gamification, video learning and micro-learning are responses to employees’ increased demand for short and engaging learning elements. As workplace time continues to compress, learners will seek short, expert learning elements for knowledge, skill and competency engagement.

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