Online Learning Courses

Online training that maximizes productivity with on-demand availability and is interactive, cost-effective and measurable.

At New Level Partners, we understand the challenges and hectic schedules faced by our customers. Having access to anywhere, any-time instruction accessible from any device provides the flexibility organizations need to meet the challenges of remote learners.

Our goal is to create a complete e-Learning solution for your company and employees — ensuring your learning investment will have a positive impact on your ability to successfully execute your organization’s business strategy and improve overall performance.

Solutions that work with your business

The New Level Partners’ team of instructional design experts and e-learning/web-based education architects possess the experience to capture the objectives you wish to accomplish and craft a superior solution.

Some of the solutions we design:

Online Courses

If you are looking to jump-start your new hires, New Level Partners has the following Online Learning Curriculums:

  • Commercial Coverage Basics™
  • Personal Coverage Basics™
  • Business Skills for Account Managers™
  • Manager’s Series™

You can host our courses in your own LMS or we can host them – your choice! All of our online learning modules are crafted to provide the highest quality of information expertly engineered by our instructional designers. Click here to see the full catalogue.

You can purchase our online courses directly on this website by visiting our store link. Or, you can contact us for a distributed license.

Custom-Designed E-Learning

E-Learning design interfaces with the learner in succinct modules with focused objectives. It features engaging media such as Flash or other animation technology, sound, narration, real-time exercises / feedback, knowledge checks, grade reports and certificates. It also enables the delivery of consistent and accurate information.

Our design experience and flexibility will meet your unique needs. We work closely with you to map the content and then expertly craft the modules to meet your objectives.

We understand the importance of your brand and incorporate it into all of the design elements. We align content to your learning needs and target specific positions or desired skill / knowledge acquisition.

Mobile Learning

The tablet market and smart phones will continue to expand the possibilities to communicate messages to our employees and customers. We can provide you with mobile learning solutions whether they are off-the-shelf or custom designed.

Educational Video Capsules

Short clip videos are effective for informative or demonstrative training approaches. We can produce short promotional online video capsules for your customers.

On Demand Learning Management Systems

Gain access to a high value, online learning center within your budget. You can afford to offer your employees or clients learning solutions with an advanced Learning Management System used by companies of all sizes.

We host and manage numerous Learning Management Systems (LMS) for our clients. Each company has its own customized pages with logo, matching colors, and more. The latest Cloud Server technology and market leading LMS software serve as your platform.

Our LMS contains E-Learning programs and tracks employee records and scores.

Outsourcing the management, hosting and administration of your custom LMS provides you new capabilities at low cost.

Training Your Employees

We understand that training employees is one of the most critical investments for your company. The goal remains to continuously upgrade your company’s capabilities, knowledge and offerings. All business owners or managers face the same challenges – how to fulfill my employees’ training needs with the best cost-effective solutions while minimizing loss in productivity. We can help you with immediate educational solutions that will minimize both your training expenses and operational interruption while maximizing learning opportunities and measurable results for your team.

Educating Your Customers

Leverage your products and services with online tools! We understand the importance of promoting the unique benefits of your products and services. Instantaneous product education through short-take videos, online modules or mobile learning tools is a growing and powerful form of marketing for your company.

Maximize productivity with on-demand availability

Gain access to a maintenance free, high value, online learning center within your budget. You’ll get solutions that work for your business with no fuss attached. We will help you get critical learning projects off the ground – turning your desk drawer into excellent curricula.

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