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Our Portfolio

InVEST: A Career in InsuranceInVEST: A Career in InsuranceInVEST: A Career in InsuranceInVEST: A Career in Insurance
This module will examine the various careers available in the insurance and risk management fields. It will discuss the skills, knowledge, and commitments that are necessary to achieve success in that position.

Risk Mgmt_1Risk Mgmt_2Risk Mgmt_3NLP: Introduction to Risk Management
This course covers the complete risk management function including risk assessment, risk management objectives and the risk management planning and measurement.

Homesite_1Homesite_2Homesite_3Homesite: Performance Management Principles
This module provides an introduction to performance management. The basics of performance management are covered along with an overview of various processes, developing SMART goals for employees, and the steps for handling performance improvement.

AIMU_1AIMU_2AIMU_3AIMU_4AIMU: The Ocean Marine Cargo Transportation Process
This course is an overview of an equipment sale and the ensuing warehouse to warehouse transportation insurance and risk management process.

Symbility_1Symbility_2Symbility_3Symbility: Diagramming Advanced Floorplans
This interactive systems tutorial will touch on the tools and skills needed to diagram Advanced floorplans in Symbility Mobile Claims.

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